Monday, April 6, 2015

How To Have Fun With Grandchildren Without Ruining Your Budget?

Enjoying Her First Pony Ride

          Lately, our 9-year old granddaughter has been spending time with us on weekends. She is the type who wants to be entertained constantly. My husband and I sat down to plan and find ways to let her have fun and at the same time, not break our budget.

         These are the ways we found:

1. Check your local community if there are places or activities for children.

We are blessed to live in a community that do so much for kids specially in the summer. A nearby park has a newly-remodeled swimming pool and water slides. Residents can use the facility for a very small fee. For the three of us, we only pay $9. When we get hungry, we can literally walk home to eat.

There is also another park closed by that offers pony rides for children. For $3, your kids can have a blast!

2. Pay the membership fee instead of just a single day entrance fee to your favorite park. 

My husband and I love Huntington Garden and luckily, our granddaughter likes it, too. There is a children’s area where kids can do so much activities, educational or just for fun. If we pay a single day entrance, it would cost us at least $60 just for the day. By paying for annual membership, it only cost us $90 for one year and we can bring our grandchildren for free. Not only that, every time we renew our membership, we get 2 guest passes that we can share with adult friends and families.

We always bring our food and drinks so it would not cost us extra. There is a designated area where you can eat your own food.

3. Ask around for free passes.

Our church have this ministry group where people can offer unwanted things for other people in the group to use. In the same group, you can also ask for something you need and in most cases, people respond and offer what they have. I see so many people who ask for passes for places like Disneyland, Legoland or Zoo. Believe it or not, there are people in the group who have those kinds of passes sitting in their drawers. They are always willing to put them into good use.

You may not have a group like this but I am sure you can ask friends and relatives who might know somebody who have those resources.

4. Do something productive around the house.

  I love gardening and although our granddaughter is scared of bees, she loves to help me tending my vegetables. I let her plant some seeds or pull weeds. She is into bugs so she spends so much time looking for them under the bushes. 

I also loves to sew so the next time she spend weekend with us, we are planning to make a new dress for her. She is looking forward to it!