Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Are Now Smarter Than Our Phones!

Free at last! We finally cut our association with the giant wireless phone provider. It was such a relief.

After our success in getting out of the cable contract, we found another wasteful expense. This time, it is our cell phones. 

No, we did not get rid of them. We did not go back to dumb phones either. We still have our smart phones. What we do not have this time is a contract. We have total control of what services we want to subscribe. We have the flexibility to change our plan anytime depending on what we need at the moment. 

Yes, there is such a thing! 

For the past seven years, we had a family plan with rollover minutes and unlimited texting. When we bought our iPhones we were also required by our provider to buy data for both phones.

Again, God graciously showed how wasteful we were. We never text so the unlimited texting was totally useless. Most of the time, we only use our cell phones to call each other. The minutes we use do not count. At the end of every year, we always have more than 8,000 unused minutes. The average consumption of our data was not even a tenth of what we were paying for. What a waste!

When our contract ended, we were determined not to be tied up again for another two years. I started checking other wireless providers. We do not like the hassle of prepaid phones so that was out of the list. 

For a few days all I did was search and compare. I also took time to read reviews for each provider. In the end, we were convinced that the best no-contract phone for us was Consumer Cellular. We have been seeing their ads but we thought it was too good to be true. We also thought we will have to go back to dumb phones.  

By the time I wrote this post, it’s been a couple of months since we have made the transfer. We were able to use our iPhones. There was no activation fee. We did not have to change our phone numbers and the money that we are saving every month is awesome. We used to pay $150 every month with our old plan. Now, we are only paying $25 a month and that covers both of us!

Not bad, eh?

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