Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Got Refund?

I was working for a small nonprofit agency when my husband and I got married. The day after we said our vows, my husband decided to consolidate our bank accounts and credit cards. 

When we went to my bank to close my account, my husband was very surprised to see that I had $3,500 in my savings account. You might think it was nothing but with my $1,000 monthly salary as a caseworker, it was almost impossible to have any saving.

How did I do it? When I opened my bank account, I set up an automatic $25 monthly savings. Everytime I get my paycheck, that amount would be automatically withdrawn from my checking and be deposited to my savings account. I did not wait until I get a bigger income before I started saving. Small savings is better than nothing at all.

The bigger part of my savings came from my tax refund. Every year, tax refunds goes to my savings account. While most people were thinking where to spend theirs, I was more concern of saving for the rainy days.

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