Thursday, July 21, 2016

Have Fun Locally and Save Money!

Happy as a kid in a candy store. 

That’s how I described my husband as we board the train going to Los Angeles Union Station. (Psst, it was his first time to be on the train.)

We were talking about spending the day in Santa Monica Beach but the thought of driving in a busy Freeway and expensive parking almost prevented us from having a fun time.

I started researching if there are other ways of getting to Santa Monica Beach without the aggravation of driving.  City bus was not an option because it will take us maybe three to four hours to get to the beach. We would end up spending the day in the bus. Taking Uber or Lyft is kind of expensive so it was not considered.

I started researching the train option and BOOM! Problem solved. 

Metrolink tickets took us to Santa Monica and back and for only $11. Yes, it is way cheaper than driving and parking. We were able to see so many interesting things that we would not usually see when driving. We left the house at 8:00 AM and we got to the beach at 10:00 AM. For two hours, we strolled by the ocean and the pier. Around noon, we decided to walk to the nearby mall and had a delicious Mexican food for lunch.

We were home before 3 PM, happy and satisfied.

By the way, do you know that on weekends, you can get a Metrolink day pass for only $10? Yes, you can visit different Southern California beaches for that amount. What are you waiting for? Enjoy and save!

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