Monday, March 31, 2014

Avoid Surprises

During tax season, we always wish that we could claim our dog as our dependent. We could not so we have to pay our dues.

To make it easy for us, we set aside “tax money” in the beginning of the year. We put it in the savings account and pretend that the money does not exist. I always cringe everytime I see how much money we have to give to the government, but it is what it is. 

We do the same thing with other bigger expenses such as car, house and earthquake insurance. Every month, we set aside certain amount. When the bill comes, we have saved enough to pay it off.

My husband and I work well together on this area. He is the bookeeper and I am the moneykeeper. He schedules the payment and I do the paying. In that way, we both have full knowledge of our financial status. There is no surprises. 

How about you? What kind of system do you use? 

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