Thursday, March 6, 2014

Costco Membership + Good Credit = Huge Savings

When our twelve-year-old car started to give us so much problems, we knew it was time to buy a new one. We started checking prices online, then we visited different dealerships. We knew what car we wanted and we were just finding ways on how to get good deal. 

Now, we are Costco Executive members and every month we receive their magazine in the mail. We have been wondering about their car buying program. We do not know anybody who used it but we thought we would give it a try.

We were surprised how easy the process was. Costco connected us to the dealer. There are sales agents that are assigned to help Costco members. We were able to meet with him the same day, BUT, before we went to see him, we went online and printed the price of the car that we wanted to buy. In that way, we will see if we were really getting a Costco member discount or not.

To our surprise, we did. We got over a thousand dollars discount! Then, after checking our credit report, the agent said we are qualified for 0% APR financing! How cool is that! The agent was even surprised that we put a down payment on it. He made a comment we could have just used the money for other things. We could but we wanted our monthly payment as low as possible.

Our payment ended up just over a hundred dollars a month. Included in that payment is a seven-year extended warranty. We were more than satisfied when we drove our new car home. It pays to maintain good credit standing. It came handy when we needed it.

Oh, and did I say we love Costco?

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