Friday, March 7, 2014

Cook That Meal

Give me no jewelries nor flowers. Give me food, lots of it!

My husband was ecstatic when he learned that he married an unusual woman. I am not into jewelries. I could careless if my clothes are old as long as it is still wearable. I am content with a few pairs of shoes I have. I believe that flowers belong to the garden. 

What my husband did not expect was, I have a bottomless stomach. Being a wonderful man as he is, he introduced me to every good steak house and sushi place around. We used to eat out at least three times a week. We were spending so much on food my husband was probably thinking buying me jewelries were much cheaper.

It was not intentional that we stopped eating out so much. We just got tired of it. One night, my husband offered to cook dinner for us. He was raised by a Sicilian mother and one thing he learned from her was to make a spicy Sicilian spaghetti. It was our first home cooked meal. It was GOOD!

Next thing we knew, we were planning our next dinner at home. We discovered it was more fun cooking our own food. Even better, the money that we used to spend on restaurants stayed in our wallet. We kept it that way. We now only eat out for special occasions.

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