Monday, March 10, 2014

Compare Prices

When it comes to grocery shopping, convenience was on top of our list. We liked the idea of getting everything we need from one place. My husband is retired so we have the privilege of doing all the shopping on weekdays. We do not have to fight for a parking spot.

A rude awakening happened when one time, we were looking for an after shave cream and our favorite grocery store did not have it. We had to drive to another store to get it. That was when we discovered that all this time, we have been overpaying at our favorite store for the same brand. We saved two dollars by buying it from another store!

I started walking back and forth on each aisle checking prices. My suspicion was confirmed. They have better deals! We did not stop there. We made it our mission to check different stores and compare prices.

We also realized we were not taking advantage of our Costco membership. We have been a Costco members for a long time but we only use the card to buy gas, paper towels and bathroom tissues. After our experience from the other store, we decided to check what else does Costco sells.

We discovered they carry almost everything we need and they are cheaper and bigger. We never went back to our former favorite store. Our shopping schedule also changed from weekly to monthly because we were buying things in bulk. 

Convenience is good but saving is better.

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