Thursday, March 13, 2014

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

My cute dog Lilly
Our dog is the cutest and the smartest dog in the whole wide world. After we got her from a local shelter, it only took  a week before she started running our household. She is very loving and playful dog. When she wants something, she only has to stand in front of us, wag her tail and with those big brown eyes looking at us, we would do anything for her.

We do have the tendency to spoil our dog rotten. She even has her own couch. We take her to the groomer once a month where we spend $45 for every visit. I, on the other hand, visit my hairdresser three times a year and my husband cuts his own hair. 

We buy her so many toys. She has to have the best foods and treats. The only thing that we do not do for her is dress her up. My husband believes that dogs are hairy enough to keep themselves warm and comfortable. 

On food alone, we spend $118 a month. We give her a mixture of dry and wet.  

Veterinarian visit is always expensive. Good thing we only have to take her once a year.

We love our dog but we realized she is becoming too expensive for us. We started to bathe her ourselves. It is quite an enjoyable task and she loves it, too! We saved $45 every month.

Costco became our place to buy dog foods and treats. For a 40-pound bag of dry food, we pay $27.79. For a box of wet food, we pay $18.79. The box contains 24 cans of 13.2 ounce of wet food. A 15-pound dog biscuits only cost us $11.79. The dry food lasts for six months and the wet food for a month and a half. That is a huge savings! 

As far as her toys are concerned, it turned out that her favorite is the one that was a free give away from a pet store. We did not have to buy every cute toy that we see in the store. If she does not want to play with it, it is just a waste of money. What she likes most is for me to chase her around the house and the backyard. Priceless.

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