Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sew It If You Can

Our dining room.
When our drapes became so embarrassing that we did not even want to invite friends over, we realized it was time to replace it. 

Our house was built in 1928 and almost every thing in the house is from its original state including the curtain rods. It is designed for pinch pleat drapes.

Our original plan was to buy the ready made ones. We visited every store that sells curtains and drapes and we did not find ones that we wanted. Those we like were too expensive and the inexpensive ones had poor quality. Buying online was not an option. We like to inspect it first before we decide to buy it.

We thought the only remaining option was to have it custom made. I loved the idea! We can choose the materials we want. 

We were excited until we learned how much would it cost us. For the dining room, living room and two bedrooms, it would cost us between $4,000 and $5,000 depending on the materials we choose.

I told my husband, I was just going to make it myself. I can sew but I never made drapes before. I would rather try doing it myself than spend that kind of money. 

We went to the nearby fabric store and discovered that the materials were not cheap either. The cheapest we could find was $20 per yard. We needed 50 yards so just for the fabric, we would have to spend $1,000! On top of that, we wanted the drapes lined. That was another $600 for the $12 per yard lining. Whew! 

We drove to downtown Los Angeles garment district the next day hoping to find a better deal. That was an excellent move!  We found the same material for only $6 per yard and the same lining for $3 per yard. We were also able to buy curtain materials for the family room. The whole thing cost us $500.

It took me a month to finish the drapes and curtains but it was worth it.  

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