Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's In Your Diet?

Our daily dose of vitamins
Having a ‘health nut” primary physician can really have an impact to people like us who have “eat, drink, and be merry” attitude. While my husband and I are not planning to be a pure vegetarian, the change in our diet is benefiting us significantly.

The last time my husband went for his routine checkup, his doctor made a comment that if all his patients will do what my husband does, he will be out of work. He was so happy that all the tests came normal, including my husband’s blood sugar level. He has a type 2 diabetes.

How did we do it? We never tried to starve ourselves nor take away the foods we love. For some reason, when we try restricting ourselves, we meet all kinds of resistance from within. It feels like punishment! 

Instead of taking away, we added more. We incorporated vegetables in everything we eat. We also started eating fish more.

For breakfast, we eat vegetable smoothie. I talked about it in my previous post. The doctor did not advise fruit juicing because of my husband’s diabetes. It would be like injecting sugar directly into his viens. 

For lunch, we usually eat light snacks. We go back to our heavy meat diet for dinner.

As we eat more vegetables and fish, we noticed that it changed our appetite. Our cravings for meat became less and less. We realized it when my husband grilled hamburgers for dinner one afternoon. When we started eating, we could not swallow it. We lost our appetite for it. We ate salad instead.

Our meat consumption now is very minimal. We do not buy expensive steaks and pork chops anymore which in turn, saves us money. 

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