Thursday, March 20, 2014

Live Within Your Means

A page from my old journal.
Living within your means is one of the most used phrases around. Doing it successfully is another story. I talked about how I was able to survive and save with a thousand dollars monthly salary in my other post

One thing that helped me most was focusing on what I have, not what other people have. If I spend my time being envious about my neighbors’ or friends’ abundant lifestyle, then I will start to feel sorry for myself. I would be tempted to live like them even when I could not afford it. 

My roommate was driving a brand new Nissan. My car was a 1988 Dodge. It was given to me by my boss. My friends shopped at Macy's, I shopped at thrift store. I did not care at all. I learned to rejoice with them and be content with what I have. 

Don’t get me wrong. It was my dream to be able to live a good life, travel, and do things that I enjoy most. Until then, I just work hard and strive to improve the quality of my life.

I still keep the journal that I used to monitor my budget. Every cent that I spent was recorded in it. It helped me set my limit prioritize my spending. 

My husband wonders why I would not toss it even after we got married. For me, it is a great reminder that I can be happy and content even when I did not have much.

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